Ayodeji Oyebade

London United Kingdom

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Ayodeji Oyebade

This is my personal website

Hello and welcome to my website. Everyone calls me Ayo. I was born on the 14th of November 1967 in Hackney North London. My family come from Nigeria.

As a child I attended Hackney Free School then later I attended City Of Islington College as a mature student.

I also studied at the University of North London where I gained a B A in Sociology and also The Open University where I achieved a B A in Business Studies.

My first job was at the benefit agency Department For Work And Pensions.

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Volunteer Work

I have been volunteering in total for over 30 years.

I have experience as a management committee member for The London Gay Teenage Group. The Black H I V AIDS Network.

The Islington Mind mental health charity - Disability Action in Islington. - The Lesbian and Gay Switchboard.

The Lesbian and Gay Center. - The Umbrella Mental Health Charity - and finally London Borough Of Islington Housing Department.

I would like to introduce you to the interview I gave to the BBC London website a while ago. Do please click on the link here and review the interview.

I have been a member of Islington North Constituency Labour Party for about twelve years.

I was involved with the Archway regeneration project when Katherine West was leader of Islington Council. Councillor Janet Burgess was instrumental in helping me push the project through.

I have been Presented four times to members of The Royal Family, The Queen, The Queen Mother, Diana Princess Of Wales and Princess Margaret for my voluntary work over the years

I enjoy speaking and learning other languages and can converse in both French and German

I am very open minded and liberal with my music tastes, as a young boy i used to attend church and was chorister, i was exposed to choral music at an early age such as Bach, Chopin, Handle and Mendelssohn. I like Rhythm and Blues, Pop and Soul music.

I have a Baritone voice and am often asked by local people to sing for them. I am noted for my sense of humour and entertaining the locals.

Please check out both Twitter and my Facebook page.

Take a look at my interview with The Big Hack about Internet Shopping for the disabled Here

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To My Friends or Supporters

This website was built for me for free by a long term friend and web developer Miss Debbie Peck. debbiepeck676@hotmail.com

Due to long term disability and poor health, I have been unable to maintain steady employment for many years now.

I have had various stays in hospital and am currently waiting for surgery due to Renal Failure.

As to date my welfare benefits are being reviewed.

Prior to being housebound I was a regular atendee at the theatre including the Almeida, The Barbican Center, Saddlers Wells, The Purcell Rooms and The Southbank Centre.

Having a mobility scooter would enable me once again to visit the places that I love and socialise with my local community.

Being disabled can be a very isolating experience but i do my best to remain engaged in the world and active in community issues and I often give advice on such matters as Welfare Benefits due to my knowledge through my own work experience. Due to this any donations given to me would be most gratefully appreciated.

This is the kind of scooter I need as I am quite a large gentleman and need the support and durability.